Mybloodtestresult.com is a private and secure online site where you can access, retrieve, and print your lab results.

With this system, you won’t have to wait for your lab results to arrive by mail. You have access to your results the day they are completed and uploaded by the laboratory. You can view your results at your own convenience for as many samples as you sent in. This service is available as of July 1, 2011. (please allow 7 to 10 business days for processing of your sample).

Unauthorized access or use of this system is prohibited. All information transmitted by, received from, or stored in this system is the property of New Century Diagnostics, Inc. and is to be used solely by authorized users. New Century Diagnostics, Inc., may monitor use of this system at any time. Use of this system constitutes consent to these terms. This is a secure site. New Century Diagnostics, Inc., will use the personal information that you submit above in order to provide this service to you and to ensure that only you have access to your test results information.

To retrieve your test result(s), please Sign Up. Be sure to enter all of the information required (FIRST NAME, LAST NAME, D.O.B, PHONE NUMBER). Sign Up information must match the Requisition/Consent form mailed with your sample.

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